Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The invisible post


You may not know me, in particular, but you me, in general.  I am a fat, middle aged man.  Which means I'm either invisible or your husband, depending on who you are.  I'm intelligent in areas where it often doesn't matter, I'm mindless in areas where it does.  I work in the IT field, because of course I do.

I work with a lot of people who look just like me.  It's like we were created from a factory with exactly one model.  You know the type.  Always looks slightly messy.  Perhaps an unnoticed or untreated food stain on a button down shirt.  Disheveled.  I'm of the long, greasy hair variety, though that is one of the few things my type tends to be different on.

You have a lot of choices:

1) Long hair greasy
2) Balding, and accepting
3) Balding, and in denial
4) Flat and undone

Really, a plethora of unattractive to styles to choose from.  You will never see us with anything resembling a stylish haircut.  We have an aversion to them...almost as if we don't understand them (protip: we don't).

And just like many others, I have a loving wife, some number of children (to retain my anonymity, though I imagine if you are reading this, I've slipped up and you know the exact number and types that I have).  I'm as well adjusted as you'd expect.  I have a nice job where I don't do much but act like I'm the only person in the world who can do what I do.  I have nerdy hobbies.  I believe I am smarter than other people (despite a never ending stream of evidence against that point of view).

I also believe that what I have to say may be entertaining.  If you are reading this, you think the same.  Which is kind of cool.

But for now, this stays invisible.  As a first post on a newly minted blog (especially one where I prefer to maintain my anonymity), no one will see it as it goes up.  It is up to me to convince the world that I am interesting enough to follow.

One day at a time, one day at a time.